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The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
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Diwan of King Abdulllah Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud
Riyadh Tel: 4882222 - Jeddah Tel: 6654233

Diwan of H.R.H. Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud
The Crown Prince, Prime Minister
 Minister of Defense and Aviation
Riyadh Tel: 4416055 - Jeddah Tel: 6652400

Saudi Council of Ministers
Tel: 4882555 - Riyadh-11475




Ministry of Agriculture

Airport Road, Riyadh 11195
Tel: 401-6666
Fax: 403-1415


Implementation of economic plans and programs for agriculture. Water development. Desalination, irrigation, conservation of scarce water, fisheries, animal resources and locust control.

Ministry of Commerce

P.O.Box 1774
Airport Rd., Riyadh 11162
Tel: 401-2220/401-4708
Fax: 403-8421


Foodstuff quality control, consumer protection, companies and commercial agents’ registration, labeling regulation standards, international exhibits, hotels, bilateral trade agreements, and world trade organization.

Ministry of Communication & Transportation

Airport Rd., Riyadh 11178
Tel: 404-2928/404-3000
Fax: 403-1401


Design, building and maintenance of road network. Coordination of surface transport including railroads and bus systems.

Ministry of Defense and Aviation

Minister: H. R. H. Prince Sultan Bin
Abdul Aziz Al-Saud
Airport Rd., Riyadh 11165
Tel: 478-5900/477-7313
Fax: 401-1336

Economic Offset Secretariat
Ministry of Defense and Aviation

P.O.Box 27040, Riyadh 11417
Tel: 478-4145
Fax: 478-4123


Army, Navy, Air Force, construction of military bases, civilian airports and meteorology.

Ministry of Education

Airport Rd., Riyadh 11148
Tel: 404-2888/404-2952
Fax: 401-2365


Provision of free general education in
primary, intermediate and secondary
schools. Royal Technical Institute
programs for handicapped, antiquities
and museums.
Ministry of Finance and National Economy

Airport Rd., Riyadh 11177
Tel: 405-0000/405-0080
Fax: 405-9202


Government finance, including budgeting and expenditure of all ministries and agencies. Control of national economic growth. Zakat and income tax. Customs, Central Department of Statistics and National Computer Center.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister: H. R. H. Prince Saud Al-Faisal Bin
Abdul Aziz Al-Saud
Nasseriya St., Riyadh 11124
Tel: 406-7777/441-6836
Fax: 403-0159


Political, cultural, and financial international relations. Monitors diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the outside world.
Ministry of Health

Airport Rd., Riyadh 11176
Tel: 401-2220/401-2392
Fax: 402-9876


Health care and hospitals.
Ministry of Higher Education

King Faisal Hospital St., Riyadh 11153
Tel: 464-4444
Fax: 441-9004


Universities and higher learning institutes.
Ministry of Industry and Electricity

P.O.Box 5729
Omar bin al-Khatab Rd.
North of Railway Station, Riyadh 11127
Tel: 477-2722/477-6666
Fax: 477-5451


Development of the Kingdom’s industrial infrastructure and power projects. Foreign capital investment, industrial licensing, protection and encouragement of national industry, industrial statistics, industrial cities and SABIC.

Ministry of Information

Nassiriya St., Riyadh 11161
Tel: 401-4440/401-3440
Fax: 402-3570


Television and radio broadcasts, publication of newspapers, magazines and relations with foreign press.

Ministry of Interior

Minister: H.R.H. Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz
Al Saud
P.O.Box 2993, Riyadh 11134
Tel: 401-1944
Fax: 403-1185

Directorate General of Passports


Public security, coastal guards, civil defense, fire stations, border police, special security and investigation forces, criminal investigation and traffic control.
Ministry of Islamic, Endowments Call(Dawa) and Guidance Affairs

King Abdul Aziz St., Riyadh 11232
Tel: 473-0401
Fax: 477-2938


Administration of land controlled by religious trust.
Ministry of Justice

University St., Riyadh 11137
Tel: 405-7777/405-5399


Administration of Sharia’s Law and provision of legal services for all citizens of the Kingdom.
Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

Omar bin Al-Khattab St., Riyadh 11157
Tel: 477-1480/478-7166
Fax: 477-7336


Labor relations, manpower planning and general monitoring of employment situation. Labor permits and work visas, labor disputes, inspection, health and safety. Provisions of vocational and on-job training for handicapped. Social development and reform. Presidency for Youth and Welfare, Saudi Red Crescent Society and Social Security.
Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs

Nassiriya St., Riyadh 11136
Tel: 441-5434


Administration of municipalities throughout the Kingdom. Planning of cities and towns. Development of roads and basic infrastructure. Managing and maintaining services to keep cities and towns clean and healthy.

Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources

P.O.Box 757, Airport Rd., Riyadh 11189
Tel: 478-1661/478-1133
Fax: 479-3596


Administration and development of the Kingdom’s oil, gas, oil refineries and mineral resources in conjunction with the General Petroleum and Mineral Organization (Petromin).
Ministry of Pilgrimage

Omar bin Al-Khatib St., Riyadh 11183
Tel: 402-2200/402-2212
Fax: 402-2555


Provision of facilities for the annual visit of pilgrims to Makkah. Madinah and other Holy places in the Kingdom. Administration of land controlled by religious trust.
Ministry of Planning

P.O.Box 1358
University St., Riyadh 11183
Tel: 402-3562/401-3333


National Planning.
Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone

Intercontinental Rd., Riyadh 11112
Tel: 463-7225
Fax: 405-2310


Development and maintenance of telecommunications and postal services.
Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Washem St., Riyadh 11151
Tel: 402-2268/402-2036
Public Works Fax: 402-2723
Housing Fax: 406-7376


Supervision, construction and maintenance of Public Sector’s projects. Public housing, evaluation of tenders, allocation of contracts and classification of contractors.




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